Hydraulic fttings


Fittings are an assembly device designed for connecting high pressure hoses and connecting hoses to other hydraulic units to control the flow of fluids transported in hydraulic systems.

  • American Fittings
  • British Fittings
  • Metric Fittings
  • Ferrule
industrial couplings


Industrial hose couplings offered by Somaxflex are made from a variety of materials, with selection depending on application. Metals include Aluminum, Brass, Plated Ductile, Zinc Plated Steel, Zinc Plated Iron, Stainless Steel and Plain Steel.

  • Bauer Coupling
  • Camlock Coupling
  • Tankwagen Coupling
  • Universal Coupling
  • Pin Lug Coupling
  • Sandblast Coupling
  • Fire Hose Coupling
HOSE Clamps


Hose clamps form a seal between hoses and fittings found in plumbing and automotive settings.

  • Double Bolt Clamp
  • Spiral Clamp
  • Superior Clamp
  • Interlock Clamp
  • DIN2817 Clamp
Steel Pipe Flanges


Flange is a method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a piping system. It also provides easy access for cleaning, inspection or modification. Flanges are usually welded or screwed. Flanged joints are made by bolting together two flanges with a gasket between them to provide a seal.

  • Weld-Neck Flange
  • Slip-On Flange
  • Socket weld Flange
  • Lap-Jont Flange
  • Threaded Flange
  • Blind Flange
hose protector


Hose Protectors protect hoses against point of contact wear with abrasive services. It is a very durable material with a high wear factor and the molded grooves are designed to fit with cable ties.

  • PP Spiral Guard
  • Fireproof Sleeves
  • Nylon Fabric Guard


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