Top 10 Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in the world


Eaton is a power management company that provides its customers with services and solutions to effectively manage their power needs. Hydraulic systems management is included in their diverse portfolio. A large network of employees and an abundance of resources have enabled Eaton to become a leading name in the hydraulics market.
They provide single braid, multiple braid, and spiral hoses for a range of operating pressures for general hydraulic systems to heavy-duty mobile applications. They even offer hose condition monitoring systems that assess hydraulic hoses and alert operators in case of issues, preventing any unforeseen accidents from occurring and prolonging hose life.


With a legacy of over 100 years, this company has undergone massive changes throughout its history. The company has a diverse range of divisions in many sectors like oil and gas, transportation, power generation and is one of the leading hydraulic hose manufacturers. The company boasts the largest range of abrasion-resistant hydraulic hoses in its product listings that are suitable for a wide range of applications. The company claims it can perform well in operating conditions with changing temperature and pressure due to strict compliance with RoHS and REACH standards.


The quality determines the success of the project they are used in. Gates is one of the leading industry solutions providers that keep quality in mind when developing hydraulic hoses and fittings. They ensure quality by using top-of-the-line materials for innovative product development and follow a strict testing regime based on over 20 international standards to ensure safety, reliability, and performance. Their hose products range from low to ultra-high pressure. Additionally, they can cater hose assemblies to a customer’s needs by providing them application-specific solutions.


With its modest beginnings in Germany more than 40 years ago, Manulli hydraulics quickly spread to other centers of the world, including France, the UK, and the US. Since 1994, the company has expanded its business, specializing in hydraulic hoses and fittings and becoming a major OEM supplier throughout Europe and the major technology hubs of Asia – Japan and Korea. Manulli’s success can be attributed to the stress it places on R&D via its research centers in Italy, France, Poland, China, and India. This focus has allowed them to further hose and fittings technology, experiment with materials, and cater to clients’ needs for offshore applications.


Qingdao SOMAXFLEX is the largest of hydraulic hose and industrial hose manufacturer from China. who focus on R & D and manufacturing hydraulic hose according to DIN standard and SAE standard, Japanese stand and GB standard. Our factory has more than 400 workers and own 76000 square meters buildings, We have high level Rubber Hose R & D center and Test center.

1. We can produce 30,000 meters  per day of smooth cover steel wire braided hose 1SN & 2SN, 1SC & 2SC

2. We can produce 20,000 meters per day of 4 ply and 6 ply spiral hose 4SP, 4SH, R9, R12, R13, R15 with the length up to 200ft (61m)

3. We can produce 60,000 meters  per day of wrapped cover steel wire braided hose 1SN & 2SN, 1SC & 2SC

4. We can produce 600 meters per day of R4, suction water, suction oil, suction chemical hose with the length up to 200ft (61m)

5. We can produce 2000 meters per day of large size(102-610mm) wire braiding hose

6. We can produce 10000 meters per day of fiber reinforcement oil hose R6, R3, 1TE, 2TE, 3TE

7. We can produce 1000 meters per day of large size(76-254mm) wire spiral hose

6.Goodyear VEYANCE

Goodyear: With $18.8 billion dollars in sales, Goodyear is one of the largest industrial companies in the world. However, in terms of hydraulic hose, it is still a secondary player working to gain market share from the other large hydraulic hose suppliers such as Parker and Eaton. 72,000 employees mostly focus on Goodyear’s primary rubber product which are tires. However, with aggressive pricing and a quality product, Goodyear seems on the verge of growth for the upcoming decade.


Semperit: Semperit is based in Austria and has been manufacturing high-quality rubber hydraulic hoses since its inception in 1824. Semperit employs approximately 8,000 in 21 production and sales offices across the world. Semperit revenues were recorded as $963,000,000 in 2011 split between their medical and industrial products. $243,000,000 of this revenue is from Semperit’s hydraulic hose product line. Semperit was one of the earliest hydraulic hose suppliers in Europe growing as the economies of Europe (especially Austria and Germany) grew after industrialization.

8. Ryco Hoses

Ryco: Australian based Ryco is a supplier of hydraulic hose, fittings, and filters. The company started operations in Australia in 1946 manufacturing hydraulic components for industrial and mining operations across Australia and Malaysia. Ryco has grown to be a large low cost, high quality supplier with warehouses and offices across the world.


Titan Fittings manufactures hydraulic hose and industrial hydraulic products such as adapters, fittings, couplings,. In addition a to a broad offering of hydraulic hoses, Titan also manufactures and distributes industrial, PVC, stainless, and PTFE hoses. Titan has the manufacturing capacity to produce 5,000,000 feet of hydraulic hose monthly.


Pirtek: Pirtek is a hydraulic hose supplier that deals primarily Pirrelli hose products. The Pirtek distribution method is significantly different than that of its competitors. Unlike Parker’s ParkerStores or Eaton’s strong distribution supply chain, Pirtek relies on franchisees to carry stock of the products and distribute them locally to hydraulic hose customers. Pirtek has 300 franchise stores across the US and many more throughout the world (especially Australia and the UK).