Project Description

Double-sided Adhesive Fire Hose

Product name:
Industrial firefighting BS6391 approved customized marking double sided adhesive tape fire hose

Application: Municipal Fire Fighting

Material´╝ÜPolyester/Nitrile rubber

Color: Red / Yellow / Customized

Lining: Nitrile rubber

Certificate: BS6391

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Double-sided Adhesive Fire Hose:
Use high-quality polyester filaments as raw materials. Interwoven by circular loom ring knitting. The inside and outside are lined with high-quality synthetic rubber, high-quality PVC or polyurethane. The outer layer is made of reinforcing ribs. It has the functions of abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and acid and alkali. It is suitable for any special and complex environment, especially in places such as Youtian Chemical Industry. The outer color can be chosen arbitrarily.

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